Next F&P: March 12 and 13!

Increasingly in recent years, the collective conscious is challenging the way humans receive nourishment, apparent in the works of Michael Pollan, Community Supported Agriculture, and The Slow Food movement, to name a few. The kitchen is the gathering place, the heart of the home and as such is the center of our domestic rituals, the place where our physical selves refuel. This physical body is also the center of the performing arts, where voice and movement express our humanity and the ephemeral nature of existence.

F&P artists are at this crossroad of consumption and body, creating work that grapples with the questions of how food nourishes, revolts, entices, rewards, shames, comforts, seduces, and builds community. F&P artists push the boundaries of these questions and invite audiences to partake in the feast. 

Jeffrey Grauel 
Spoiled- A roving conversation about fondness for junk food.

Carolyn Hoerdemann  
Astro Poet Sensory Membrane- A durational promenade of three rotating etudes sharing inspirations from the Futurist Cookbook.

Carron Little  
Chemical Queens- Two Queens experiment with toxic solutions and force feeding.

Erin Peisert & Elena Katsulius 
I Will If You Do- Inspired by the social expectations of modesty, women, and their relationship to each other.

Janet Schmid  
Milk Nest- An installation nest made of repurposed materials provides a safe haven for feeding.

Fereshteh Toosi 
Tea Room- A box of tactile engagements and mouth watering feeding.

Aurora Tabar & Sara Zalek 
The Hug Project-An invitation to hug and taste.

Dates: Saturday March 12 & Sunday, March 13 2011, 7pm

Location: DEFIBRILLATOR Performance Art Gallery
1136 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60642

RSVP to attend this private event. foodperformance@gmail.com
In your email, please include the date you’d like to attend and the total number of guests.

$10 Suggested Donation.

Contact: Jessica Hannah and Ania Greiner at foodperformance@gmail.com.
More information on F&P: http://foodperformance.blogspot.com/
Defibrillator: http://www.dfbrl8r.com